Magic Elf Door


“Magical” elf door for travel between your house and the North Pole


Christmas is coming, which means the elves will be landing in homes soon! This adorable elf door is the perfect accessory for your elf traditions, or a great way to start a new tradition of elves visiting during the night. The door provides “direct access” to the North Pole and Santa’s workshop, so while your children are sleeping, the elves can leave little candies outside the door for children being good, or a reminder note from Santa for children who need a little extra motivation before Christmas Eve! When your elf door arrives, have your children read the included poem to turn the wood door into a “magic door.” Then, let the fun begin!

Door is approximately 6″ tall and 4.5″ wide. It is attached to a base with iridescent glitter “snow” and freely stands.

**Door is not actually magical and does not open to the North Pole 🙂

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Weight 5 oz


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